About Us


Arax company was established in 1990, and launched its activity in four following sections:

1- Designing and running agricultural farms , gardens,…

2- Designing and running food stuff factories.

3- Exporting foods and agricultural products.

Since the beginning of its activity up to now, has designed and run thousands hectares of agricultural farms, and gardens, and manage agricultural farms and gardens throughout Iran.With supplying fresh fruits and vegetables of the best quality to the international reliable exporting markets, it has converted to a well known name in goal countries .After harvesting, products are deterrenced in the equipped workrooms ,then sorted and finally packaged in suitable packaging such as smart packaging , organic retaining coating, etc which keeps the products freshness and quality ,thus helps the finished consumer to receive the product with real flavour and odour.

The company also use the most equipped containers with appropriate cooling system, temperature, humidity control and air circulation. Maintenance and shipment condition for each product is counted and set separately in attention to shipment duration and product condition.

Arax company also has been active in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia market, and has exported millions of Euro agricultural products to these countries.

Besides, it has designed and run tens of tomato paste and other food product factories throughout Iran.

Tehran Office


No.2, West 40 Al, Nabi Akram St, 38 St, Saadat abad, Tehran, Iran

Tel: 00982188583755

Fax: 00982188583754

zip code: 1997912345

E-Mail: info@t-arax.com

Bandarabbas Office


No.38, Nahravan Alley, resalat jonubi St, Golshahr, Bandarabbas, Iran

Tel & Fax: 00987616660929

E-Mail: info@t-arax.com